$10 million settlement money divided among victims of fatal bus crash

Owners of the bus company responsible for the Jan 2 bus crash near Victoria, decided to come to a $10 million settlement. The amount will be divided among all the passengers, including a Victoria man who were seriously injured in the crash. Pedro Mendez, a 55-year-old Houston man, was the only death.

Forty-four of the 47 passengers filed personal injury claims. Injuries included cuts, serious head, neck and back trauma and other injuries. Houston’s Bernarda Peña, 51, lost her right arm.In addition, Mendez’s wife and daughter, Rosalba and Veronica Mendez, filed personal injury claims, as well as wrongful death, survival and other claims. Both women were on board during the 4 a.m. crash.Holiday passengers returned or traveled from Monterrey, Mexico, through Victoria and toward Houston.

The bus’ driver, Roberto Cruz, of Houston, had multiple driving while intoxicated convictions. Cruz was not drunk the night of the bus crash.The bus companies, meanwhile, were cited 19 times in advance of the crash. Citations range from lacking U.S. motor vehicle registration and incomplete driver’s logs to cracked windshields and damaged tires.

Of the $10 million settlement:
Rodriguez, the Victoria man, received $212,000.
The Mendez family received $4.3 million.
The 43 other passengers divided the remaining $5.5 million.

Source: Victoria Advocate


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