Congress in Leading-Edge Law

For the past couple of years, Congress has been dickering lackadaisically over the details of possible anti-spyware legislation. Statutes recently enacted by Alaska and Utah might force Congress to finally address this issue.

Pro-consumer (and, in some cases, anti-capitalism) forces have pushed to outlaw most adware, particularly pop-up ads that come bundled with some software. At the least, such interests want it disclosed, before it’s installed, in a clear and unavoidable notice.

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Major Merchant Associations Sues Credit Card Companies - Visa, MasterCard and Banks

Four major merchant associations said Monday that they have filed an antitrust lawsuit against Visa, MasterCard and banks that issues credit cards. The suit alleges that some banks and credit card companies are engaging in “collusive practices” by setting credit-card interchange fees at high levels.
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Class action Law Suit Against AIK Company

A tentative settlement agreement in the rehabilitation of AIK Comp, a failed workers’ compensation self-insured group, was reached Monday through court-ordered mediation.

At issue had been the reorganization plan and the method used to arrive at member assessments. The failed compensation fund was taken over by state insurance commissioners last year after reporting a $58.5 million net-worth deficit from 1999 to 2003.

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Google: In a Class action Law Suit

After months of complaints that its Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Latest News about Google Library effort constituted a violation of copyright law, Google has been sued by a leading writer’s association and three writers who claim that the search giant is infringing on the works of thousands of individual writers.

The Authors Guild and three individual writers, a biographer of Abraham Lincoln, a children’s book author, and a former Poet Laureate of the United States, filed a class action suit in federal court in Manhattan claiming that Google Library constitutes a massive copyright infringement at the expense of the rights of individual writers.

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Class action Law Suit for Breach of Security

Victims of personal data security breaches are showing their displeasure by terminating relationships with the companies that maintained their data, according to a new national survey sponsored by global law firm White & Case.

The independent survey of nearly 10,000 adults, conducted by the respected privacy research organization Ponemon Institute, reveals that nearly 20 percent of respondents say they have terminated a relationship with a company after being notified of a security breach.

Of the people we surveyed who received notifications, 19 percent said that they have ended their relationship with the company after they learned that their personal information had been compromised due to security breach.

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Teachers Union Facing Class Action Lawsuit

A pair of conservative national organizations has charged the California Teachers Association with illegally using a new $60 annual assessment on its members to fight a number of initiatives on the November.

District Court in San Jose, three California teachers, represented by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, sought to block the union from collecting the mandatory dues increase until teachers can be notified of their right to opt out.

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ATI - In Class Action Danger

Vermont law firm Johnson & Perkinson has issued a press release announcing that it is filing a class action suit in the US against ATI, on behalf of investors.

In the complaint, it is alleged that “throughout the Class Period, ATI reported strong financial results in publicly disseminated press releases and in filings with the SEC. In addition, defendants repeatedly issued positive guidance, claiming that ATI’s purported leadership in graphics and multimedia technologies in the consumer electronics and PC markets would continue driving growth for ATI in fiscal 2005.”

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Hurricane Katrina Class Action Lawsuit

Exnicios of the New Orleans law firm of Liska, Exnicios & Nungesser, and Conrad S.P. Martin & Williams, have filed a class action lawsuit against a number of major oil companies they say are actually responsible for Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans.

The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court For The Eastern District of Louisiana, temporarily operating out of Lafayette, LA and Houma, LA, alleges that the major oil companies’ oil, gas and pipeline exploration and drilling activities throughout Southeast Louisiana resulted in ecological damages to such an extent that coastal marshes were destroyed which previously had protected New Orleans naturally from Katrina level hurricane force winds and tidal surges.

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Sons of Gwalia Ltd. in US Class Actions

Disgruntled Australian shareholders are expected to take more action, report Glenda Korporaal and Florence Chong 24 sep 05 last week’s landmark Sons of Gwalia decision has taken Australia a step closer to a US-style regime of shareholder class actions.

The decision - in favour of a shareholder in goldminer Sons of Gwalia, which went into administration in August last year - combined with the rise of litigation financiers such as IMF Australia, is expected to open the way for more action by angry shareholders.

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Medical Centres kill the hope of the people by it’s charges

A class action complaint alleging Gateway Regional Medical Center in Granite City inflated charges for uninsured patients will be heard on the hospital’s motion to dismiss on September. The plaintiffs who are all from Illinois, accused the hospital for its unfare and unreasonable charges of medication.

According to the suit filed by Chicago attorney James Branit of Bullaro & Carton the mentiond medical centre charged more than triple what Gateway received for the same services from the vast majority of their other patients, often triple what governmental agencies paid under Medicare and Medicaid; and more than triple the actual cost of the care.

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