Dutch group Ahold Agreed to Compensate 1.1 Billion in Class Action Lawsuit

Dutch group Ahold, the world’s fourth largest food retailer settles the class action lawsuit which was releted to an accounting scandal two years ago, for $1.1billion

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Universal American Financial Corp. - UHCO in Risk of Class Action Lawsuit

A lawsuit seeking class action status has been filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on behalf of all persons who acquired the publicly traded securities of Universal American Financial Corp (Nasdaq:UHCO) (”Universal American” or the “Company”) between February 16, 2005 and October 28, 2005, inclusive (the “Class Period”) which also included all those who purchased in the secondary offering on or around June 16, 2005 by the law firm of Schatz & Nobel, P.C.

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Lemon Law Statutes And Firms in Alabama

Here are summaries of lemon law statutes of state of Alabama, i.e. which conditions are under this statute. Lemon Laws can be confusing and are open up to numerous interpretations. Consult with a consumer attorney for more information regarding these provisions. Here 2nd point defines after how many days out of servise it can be included in lemon law statute. In our previous article we have already discussed about Lemon Law
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Best of The Fortnight Ending 20th November 2005

We bring to you the best of the articles across Taragana [www.taragana.com/site] Blog Network for the fortnight ending 20th November 2005. It was tougher than we thought as we had a hard-time creating a small list. Next time we will go for weekly schedule. This is our first attempt to highlight some of the posts which we think would be interesting to you and summarizes the important happenings across our blogs. Hope you like it.

Consanesco - Blogging for Health

Reports complete mapping of over 37K rice genomes.

Did you know that sweets can lower your physical and psychological stress?
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Lemon Law Statutes in USA (Statewise)

This is a compilation of lemon law statutes in vogue across USA. The information is broken state-wise. Please select the appropriate state to find the relevant statutes below.

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About Lemon Law

From the first day of our blog we are giving you different news on lemon law. Now this is time to give you some idea about lemon law.

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Practical Measures Can Be Solution Of Cybercrime-Leonid Reiman, Russian Minister

The international community must take practical measures against cybercrime, opined by Russian Information Technology and Communications Minister Leonid Reiman at the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis.

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Cancer Patients Filed Malpractice Lawsuit

Plaintiffs’ attorneys are calling a Utah Supreme Court ruling this week a victory for cancer patients - especially women.

An estimated 40 percent of calls placed to Utah’s large Siegfried & Jensen law firm allege failure to diagnose cancer, most of them breast cancer.

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Nine Years Old Malpractice Suit Reached Settlement

A nine years old malpractice suit against a Carthage emergency-room doctor, John Torontow over decapitation of an infant during delivery, has reached to a settlement.

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World Largest Internet Dating Sites Are Sued

Robert Anthony, of Broward County, Florida, filed a suit over breach of contract, fraud and unfair trade practices against Yahoo’s personals site. In this suit the site was accused of padding its membership list with fake members.

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