Arturo Gatti’s body exhumed; Canadian authorities to do 2nd autopsy on boxer at family request

Gatti exhumed; Canadian authorities to do autopsy

MONTREAL — Boxer Arturo Gatti’s body has been exhumed, and the Quebec coroner’s office will perform a new autopsy at his family’s request.

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Michael Jackson’s personal physician was in deep financial trouble before he got hired

Jackson’s personal doctor was in financial trouble

LOS ANGELES — Dr. Conrad Murray was in dire financial shape when he signed on as Michael Jackson’s personal physician earlier this year at $150,000 a month.

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Ex-airline cargo worker sentenced in drug smuggling scheme at New York’s JFK Airport

Ex-airline worker sentenced in JFK drug smuggling

NEW YORK — A former Delta Air Lines baggage worker has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in a smuggling ring that shepherded cocaine and heroin through New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

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Jury deliberates, still no verdict in trial of ex-La. congressman found with cash in freezer

Deliberations continue in ex-congressman’s trial

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A jury has ended its second day of deliberations without reaching a verdict in the corruption trial of a former Louisiana congressman who had $90,000 hidden in his freezer.

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Boston jury begins deliberating in student’s music downloading case

Jury begins deliberating in music downloading case

BOSTON — A Boston jury has begun deliberating in the civil trial of a Boston University graduate student who was sued by four major recording labels over illegally downloading and sharing music.

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Grand jury transcript details plan to kill Oakland editor

Transcript gives account of plan to kill editor

OAKLAND, Calif. — Two men indicted in the killing of an Oakland journalist and two other men joked as they planned the crimes then hugged after the journalist was killed, according to grand jury testimony.

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Appeals court orders new, shorter sentence for ex-Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio

Court orders shorter sentence for ex-Qwest CEO

DENVER — An appeals court has ordered a new, shorter sentence for ex-Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio, saying his 6-year term for insider trading was too long.

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Judges say UK spy visited Morocco 3 times while ex-Guantanamo detainee was held there

UK judges: Intelligence officer visited Morocco

LONDON — A British intelligence officer repeatedly visited Morocco at the same time that a former U.K. resident was allegedly being tortured there, two senior judges said Friday.

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Mass. woman charged with locking boy in hot attic had prior assault and battery arrest

Mom accused of locking up kid had prior arrest

LOWELL, Mass. — A Massachusetts woman charged with locking her 3-year-old son in a filthy, sweltering attic had been arrested previously for assault and battery with a knife.

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NY Giants LB Antonio Pierce back before grand jury considering weapon charge against Burress

Giants LB Pierce back before Burress grand jury

NEW YORK — New York Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce is testifying again before the grand jury investigating a gun charge against former teammate Plaxico Burress.

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