$2Million Fatal Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Lawsuit Settlement

A $2 million fatal central Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident lawsuit settlement has been agreed by all but two of the six defendants of the suit.

Accompanied by her best friend, Nancy Shives, Rose Marie Rowles was driving home from visiting her husband’s grave on April 28, 2004. In their mid-60s, the women were heading eastbound on Route 322 just outside Harrisburg when a westbound tractor-trailer loaded with debris sped around a curve. The open- top dump trailer and its contents including concrete and wood from a Philadelphia demolition site flipped over the concrete barrier directly in front of Rowles’ Buick sedan. The car struck the debris and became airborne, then rolled onto its roof and slid to a violent stop atop a guide rail.

Defendants who agreed to settle include: Brian Redd, the tractor-trailer’s driver from Indiana, Pa. who was uninjured and was criminally charged in connection with the accident. Andrew Gallo and Gallo Trucking of Creekside, Pa., the owner of the tractor-trailer; and Stewart Transport of Marion Center, Pa., which had permanently leased the tractor-trailer, were the other settling defendants.

Link [news.yahoo.com/s/usnw/20060718/pl_usnw/2m_settlement_in_fatal_pennsylvania_motor_vehicle_case__saltz_mongeluzzi_firm_secures_pro_tanto_release_as_case_continues104_xm]


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