$47 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Tic-Tac’s Kashrut

A $47 million class action lawsuit has been filed Leimen-Schlissel, the company which markets the candy Tic-Tac, for not having a valid kosher certificate.

In the suit, the prosecution claims that the company broke the law which forbids marking a product kosher if it hasn’t been granted a kosher certificate. “The law of kashrut is a law meant to protect the kosher-keeping consumer from kashrut fraud,” it was written in the suit claim.

According to the prosecution, “It turns out that in many stores in the Tel Aviv area dozens of packages of the product which were manufactured after 1.1.06 have been sold with a misleading kosher symbol on their packaging. This is despite the claims of the company that they executed a massive recall of all the products already on the shelves.”

Link [www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3288016,00.html]


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