50$ Million Class Action Lawsuit Approved Against Pfizer

The Quebec Superior Court has today approved the $50 million class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical giant Pifzer Inc. and its associate Pfizer Canada Inc. The class action has been filed over the company’s contraceptive Depo-Provera, that has allegedly caused a decrease in bone density in women.

Noelia Brito, the representative plaintiff reported to have the bone density of a 70-year-old after she had started the drug seven years ago. Pifzer even issued a public notice over the effect of the contraceptive two year ago. In fact, the spokesperson of the company said the contraceptive has been used by the doctors and patients as well. He said that in the last five years, 3 million prescriptions for the drug have been filled.

To conclude, the drug is used to treat endometriosis, breast and endometrial cancer in menopausal women and is still widely available in Canada. The suit applies to Canadian women who have taken Depo-Provera and have suffered a decrease in bone density as a result. They can register at recourscollectif.info.smontgomery@thegazette.canwest.com.



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