$50 million class action lawsuit directed by Calgray health workers over payment problem

Calgary health workers have formed a group and launched a $50 million class action lawsuit against Telus Sourcing Solutions Inc., the company that administers their payroll.

From the workers point of view, the common feeling is ‘Telus actually sucks’, they always keep the workers in worry regarding payment, without warning they may ask the workers to pay back for an over payment. Firstly it is difficult to get a cheque, then just go on worrying whether the cheque is correct or not. After toiling 18×5 a week it just a mess-up. Workers feel that the management should have outsource the payment part to¬† a company that actually specializes in payroll and HR.

The workers, members of the Health Sciences Association of Alberta, confirms that on Thursday they are suing Telus Sourcing Solutions Inc. The company provides payroll and human resources services to the former Calgary Health Region.

However, according to Telus Sourcing Solutions, the lawsuit is completely without merit, and the allegations are unfounded, the payroll system is 99.9 percent correct.

Source: Calgary Herald



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