A consumer advocacy group filed class action lawsuit against landlord UDR

Consumer Advocate, Bad Biz Finder, a Fremont, California-based non-profit consumer advocacy group, filed class action lawsuit against Landlord, UDR Inc. on Behalf of California Tenants.

The lawsuit alleges against,  illegal lease provisions, failure to maintain habitable premises, intentional fraud, and noncompliance with CA state regulations.

The suit complains that UDR’s Residential Lease Agreement RLA containing numerous violations of California law.

UDR has deliberately capitalized monetarily on its tenants’ ignorance of the law. (California Code of Civil Procedure section 1670.5(a) and California Civil Code section 1953.)

California Civil Code section 1671 states that liquidated damages clauses in California residential lease agreements are illegal. Any clause in a California RLA that asks you to waive your rights under the law and to agree to the contrary, is unenforceable.

Erin Baldwin, a current UDR tenant, brought these issues to the forefront through her group and blog, Tenant Advocates of Orange County and she will be the primary advocate for this action.

If any body is interested to participating in this Federal Class-Action Lawsuit, you may contact Erin Baldwin by:
1. email at badbizfinder@gmail.com
2. telephone at 714-617-4703
3. Via a comment on the blog at badbizfinder.wordpress.com.

Source: PR-inside


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