A St. Joseph tannery faces class action lawsuit for cancer causing sludge

Sludges are muddy or slushy sediment which usually generates as disposals from tanneries. A St. Joseph tannery known as Prime Tanning Corp., hit with a class action lawsuit as they gave farmers toxic sludge to use as a fertilizer while they were fully aware that the sludge contained a known cancer-causing agent, chromium 6.

The class-action lawsuit which has been filed against Prime Tanning Corp. on behalf of all residents in Andrew, Buchanan, Clinton and DeKalb counties, alleges that the company involved into such a wrongful practice just to save the costs of putting the toxic material in a landfill.

The suit also looking forward to establish a medical monitoring program for anyone in the four counties who may have been exposed to the sludge, a medical registry to track cases and a long-term epidemiological study to gauge health risks.

The suit was filed last Friday in DeKalb County Circuit Court and is asking for damages to be determined through a jury trial.

Kansas City based law firm named Speer Law Firm is representing the four plaintiffs- Alice McVicker of St. Joseph; Ruth Nicholson of Maysville, Mo.; and Robert and Judy Hall of Holt, Mo. of the class action lawsuit.

Source: stjoenews.net


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