A timeline of events surrounding the case of US reporter in Iran convicted of spying

Timeline surrounding arrest of US reporter in Iran

A timeline of events surrounding the case of American journalist Roxana Saberi, whom Iran accuses of spying for the United States:

— Late January: Saberi is arrested.

— Feb. 10: Saberi’s father, Reza, receives a phone call from his daughter in Iran who says she was detained after buying a bottle of wine. The family decides not to publicize the news.

— March 1: The Saberi family goes public with news of her arrest.

— March 2: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman says Saberi was engaged in “illegal” activities because she continued working after the government revoked her press credentials in 2006.

— March 3: Iran’s judiciary spokesman says Saberi is being held in Evin prison north of Tehran.

— March 5: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton calls on Iran to release Saberi.

— April 5: Saberi’s parents arrive in Iran to lobby for their daughter’s release.

— April 6: Saberi’s parents visit her in prison for the first time.

— April 8: A judge says Saberi has been charged with spying for the U.S.

— April 13: Saberi is tried in a closed-door hearing.

— April 18: Saberi’s lawyer says an Iranian court convicted her of espionage and sentenced her to eight years in prison.

— April 19: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls on the prosecution to ensure Saberi is allowed a full defense during her appeal.

— April 20: Iran’s judiciary chief orders a full investigation into Saberi’s case.

— April 21: Iran’s judiciary spokesman says Saberi’s prison term may be reconsidered on appeal. Saberi also begins hunger strike, according to her family.

— April 25: Her lawyer files an appeal.

— April 28: An Iranian judiciary official denies Saberi is on a hunger strike and says she’s in “good condition.”

— May 1: Saberi’s father claims his daughter is hospitalized for a few hours after ceasing to take liquids.

— May 4: Saberi ends her hunger strike, according to her father.


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