Agreement Over Immigration Raid Lawsuit in Iowa

The immigrant workers arrested from the Meat Packing Plant had reached to an agreement that allows them to stay in lowa. The immigrants were arrested during a raid in Postville. The agreement will allow 83 of the detained workers who are not criminally charged. It will also allow them to remain in their state until their administrative bond hearings are held.

The Des Moines Register reported the lawyers said that the agreement will take around six months. Lawyers also said that they will try to prevent the workers to migrate to another state.

It can be added that those 306 workers were arrested on the charges of identity theft, misuse of social security among the other such related charges. Plea hearing is to be started from Monday at the National Cattle Congress in Waterloo.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court on behalf of three immigrant workers who were detained but later released. It alleges that federal authorities violated the workers’ Fifth Amendment rights to due process by exposing them to “prolonged and indefinite detention,” hindering their access to attorneys.



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