Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit Against Microsoft Corp. Set to Go to Trial

A class action antitrust lawsuit which has made its way to the Iowa Supreme Court three times and unlike those in most states, which have been either settled or dismissed, against Microsoft Corp. is set to go to trial in November, and the company’s co-founder and chairman is on the witness list to testify.

Des Moines attorney Roxanne Conlin said Tuesday her experts have estimated that individuals and businesses have been overcharged as much as $453 million for Microsoft products in the past 12 years because a lack of competition has inflated the cost of the company’s products.

In Iowa, about 5.1 million licenses for Microsoft Windows have been issued, 1.8 million for Office, 446,373 for Word and about 21,349 for Excel.

The average consumer overcharge ranges from $10.50 for buyers of Word to $56.99 to those who purchased Excel, Conlin said.

Conlin said class members include all those who bought the following in Iowa from May 18, 1994, through June 30, 2006: Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Word, Excel, or Office software, or a personal computer on which this software was already installed.

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