Asbestos causation bill is all set to support asbestos lawsuits

The senet bill which relates to the standards of causation in mesothelioma claims and  authored by the state Sen. Robert Duncan of Lubbock, is getting overwhelm supports from trial lawyers and labor unions, whose clients and members are usually lawsuit plaintiffs claiming asbestos exposure in the workplace.

Though critics fear that the bill will expose thousands of additional businesses to asbestos lawsuits has passed the Texas Senate.

Since very little evidence would be necessary under SB 1123, businesses would be forced to settle regardless of liability because they can’t afford the cost of a lawsuit and the threat of unlimited damages

The Texas Senate approved senate bill 1123 early this evening in a 20-11 vote, despite unified opposition from the business and legal reform community. The House version (HB 1811 by Eiland) is pending in the House Committee on the Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence. The bill  will change established standards regarding the amount of a plaintiff’s asbestos exposure and requirement that the plaintiff prove that the dose was sufficient enough to be a substantial factor in causing mesothelioma.

Source: SE Texas Record


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