Asbestos lawsuits on rise in New York

The Record analysis has revealed that the number of Asbestos lawsuits are raising in number in the New York city. More than half of the 756 civil lawsuits filed in Madison County this year are asbestos claims. That’s 383 asbestos cases through Aug. 27.

In 2007, 455 asbestos claims were filed. The high water mark came in 2003, when asbestos trial Judge Nick Byron docketed 953 cases.Former federal judge and U.S. Attorney General Griffin Bell, a Democrat, dubbed the asbestos docket, scandalous enough to merit a federal probe. Plaintiff’s lawyers chalk up the surge to their TV and internet marketing efforts. melodramatic daytime television commercials prove the fact. Supposedly, they prefer the specialized asbestos docket.

In a interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, asbestos lawsuit king Randy Bono once bragged he had settled 600 asbestos cases from 2000-03 for between $2 million and $3 million each. Defense attorneys told the newspaper Bono was being conservative; the settlements averaged more like $4 million a piece.

Source: The Madison Record


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