Attention Please Ex Braceros: Monday is the last day to claim money from Mexican Government

Mexican officials said more than 250,000 ex-braceros between 1942 and 1946 might have participated in a special savings program that was set up for them at the time.

Under the program, U.S. employers deducted 10 percent of the braceros’ pay, which Wells Fargo held and then transferred to Mexico’s former Banco de Credito Agricola, a government bank. No records were kept of what happened to the money — estimated to be in the millions of dollars — after it reportedly reached the Mexican state bank.

Braceros were supposed to get the money back when they returned to Mexico, but many of them claimed they never got anything or were not told the purpose of the mandatory deduction.

Ex-braceros who received money from earlier program are not eligible to file a claim under the U.S. lawsuit settlement, which is only for ex-braceros who are U.S. residents or their surviving spouses or children.

Bracero claims at a glance:
Monday is the deadline for claims by ex-braceros who are U.S. residents, or their qualifying spouses or children, to submit claims for compensation. Here are the requirements:
# Must be a U.S. resident who was a bracero between Jan. 1, 1942, and Dec. 31, 1946, including a bracero who became a U.S. citizen or dual national.
# A Mexican passport, voting card or military service card.
# Original individual work contract, issued by a U.S. employer, showing participation in the bracero program between 1942 and 1946.
# Original proof of wages paid by a U.S. employer for work in the program between 1942 and1946.
# Social Security records showing payments from work in the program between 1942 and1946.
# Original consular identification card (brown mica).
# Surviving spouses or children must present identification and the above documents.
# Submit claims in person at any Mexican consulate in the United States. In El Paso, the Mexican consul’s office will accept documents for the claims until 1 p.m. Monday, at 910 E. San Antonio.
# Information:; free Bracero Settlement Hotline 877-436-9359.

Source: Elpasotimes


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