Baby death during abortion snatches license from medicine man

The Board of Medicine seizes practice permission from Florida based doctor Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique for delegating responsibility of an abortion case to an unlicensed personnel.

No lawsuit was filed for the premature death of the baby. The corpse of the baby along with placenta and afterbirth were collected in a plastic bag and thrown away. Police found the decomposing remains of the infant a week later.

The doctor when interrogated, claimed that he gave Sycloria Williams, who was pregnant for 23 weeks, medicines for dilating her cervix the day before abortion. On the next day while the doctor was on his way to the clinic he had to attend a different case where the patient was bleeding. In the meantime, Williams gave birth to the baby. One of the clinic owners attended her and threw the dead baby outside.

Dr. Jason Rosenberg, one of the board members, was of the view that the abortion specialist presented extremely callous and reluctant approach towards Williams. It was due to his clumsy interest that the patient suffered and the baby died.

The suspension of his license was the right decision. He deserved it.

Source:Associated Press


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