BC court faces lawsuit on behalf of children conceived via sperm, egg or embryo donation

In response to a class action lawsuit filed by Olivia Pratten, the British Columbia judge has issued an injunction against the destruction or transfer of any records concerning artificial insemination. The 26 year old woman wanted to know the identity of her sperm donor father.

The lawsuit was launched by Pratten,26, on behalf of children conceived via sperm, egg or embryo donation as she feels that the rights of those born through artificial insemination are have been neglected.The class-action lawsuit against B.C.’s attorney general and the province’s College of Physicians and Surgeons claims the law discriminates against people who were conceived as a result of so-called gamete donation.

The lawsuit claims that unlike for adopted children, records of the biological parents of those born through artificial insemination aren’t kept.The lawyers involved in the case believe it is the first lawsuit in Canada filed by a sperm donor offspring seeking the identity of a biological parent.

Pratten said her parents formed a support group years ago for families of donor conception because they felt isolated after speaking out about the necessity of adult children having a donor’s medical information.Pratten said the lack of regulation and accountability when it comes to medical information is unethical and unacceptable because people like her want to know details about their biological fathers and any health concerns they may have passed on.

Source: The Canadian Press


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