Bluetooth class action settlement is a Christmas bonus for lawyers

This suit was against Motorola, Plantronics and Jabra, concerning Bluetooth headsets they sold.

The suit was filed because these companies allegedly did not warn consumers of a “risk of hearing loss and that Defendants acted wrongfully when they did not warn consumers of the risk (if it exists).

Could not understood? me too, they were sued because they didn’t warn about a risk that might not exist. Holly Molly!

Then how they are being sued when they didn’t warn about a risk that might not exist.

But every body now why? it’s simply money which is better than Sun shine and sweeter than honey- yes that money.

So let’s see who gets how much of it-

Class Counsel will ask the court for up to $800,000 in attorneys’ fees and up to $38,000 for reimbursement of documented expenses.  Class Counsel will also request up to $12,000 total for the Class Representatives, who helped the lawyers on behalf of the whole Class.  The Court may award less than these amounts.  Defendants will separately pay the fees and expenses the Court orders.  These payments will not reduce the amount Defendants will donate to charity.

Defendants will also separately pay the costs to provide notice to the Class and administer the Proposed Settlement, up to $1.2 million.  If those costs are less than $1.2 million, Class Counsel may request reimbursement for additional documented expenses up to $12,000, which Defendants will pay upon approval by the Court.

How much consumers get from the settlement?
It’s a big ZERO-plus-warning labels and stickers on any Bluetooth headset, informing customers that there might be a risk to hearing from using them.

Additionally the attorneys for the Class, and the Defendants agreed that providing funding to non-profit organizations that focus on preventing hearing loss will indirectly benefit all Class Members.

To be very specific, as there are too many of consumers, so a  part of the settlement that is $100,000 will be donated to one or more non-profit organizations that focus on preventing hearing loss.

So congratulation to five law firms, what a amazing brain work, this settlement agreement is a unique example to transfer millions of dollars to lawyers via lawsuits which is based on a “if it exists” allegation.

Source: SlashGear


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