British American Tobacco faces class action lawsuit in Russia

Russian consumer rights agency, Rospotrebnadzor. has filed a class action lawsuit against the UK based company British American Tobacco for “misleading” consumers and infringing their rights.

Gennady Onishchenko, director of Rospotrebnadzor few weeks ago attacked the wider global tobacco companies, threatening them with legal action for “nicotine genocide“, allegedly for making huge profits at the expense of Russians’ health.

BAT founder of the growing market in Russia for its top brands, such as Dunhill and Kent, said last night that it had received no claims from the regulator, but stressed it always acted inside the law. BAT said no claim from the consumer body would be justified.

It can be added that this is not the only incident of its kind. Western companies in the oil and mining sectors have faced similar attacks by environmental and financial watchdogs, which have usually been interpreted as attempts by the Kremlin to crack down on foreign firms.



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