British sex-on-the-beach couple back home from Dubai

LONDON - A British man and a woman who were arrested by Dubai police after having been found to have sex on a beach have returned home, their lawyers said.

Vince Acors, 34, arrived Wednesday after authorities released him. He had been re-arrested at the airport just before boarding a flight a day earlier because his visa had expired.

Michelle Palmer, 36, who was in Dubai as a publishing executive, but was sacked after her arrest, arrived back in Britain ‘a few days ago’, her lawyer said.

Palmer and Acors were arrested on the Jumeirah Beach July 5.

The two, who were having sex after having met at a champagne lunch, were warned by a policeman, but were found to have ignored his warning when the policeman returned to check.

A Dubai court found them guilty of unmarried sex and public indecency in October, and they were fined 170 pounds each and ordered expelled from the UAE.

They admitted a charge of being drunk in a public place.

Acors’s lawyer said: ‘He’s back in the UK and is delighted. He had a pretty relaxing flight and is back, and going to resume his normal life again.’

Hassan Matter, who represented Palmer and Acors during their Dubai trial, said: ‘Michelle (Palmer) returned home a few days ago. I worked on her deportation. She didn’t have any problems because she had been in Dubai to work.’


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