California Supreme Court Affirms Right to Gay Marriage

The San Francisco City Hall, a common venue for gay marriages, witnessed a celebration time when the California Supreme Court ruled that the same sex marriages can enjoy the constitutional right. In a win win situation for the gay community, the ruling has withdrawn the 60 year old ban on the gay marriage right. The decision will be effective within next 30 days. Thus California is the state second only to Massachusettes to legalize gay marriage.

Responding to the decision, the gay community terms it to be a milestone, while the conservative and religious groups have denounced the decision. Gay community like Freedom to Marry has welcomed the decision. On the other hand, the national organization for marriage has shown dissatisfaction over the decision and called the court to be wrong from top to bottom. Also the Liberty Counsel says it will ask the court to stay its decision until November election.

At least 110,000 gay couples live in California now. They are expected to have all the benefits of heterosexual marriages now. It can be recalled that the ban on gay marriage was imposed on 1977. The question before the court was primarily of basic human right. And now with this historic decision US have joined the queue with other countries like Belgium, Netherland, Canada, South Africa where the gay marriage is legalized.



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