Car buyer protection bill yet to show it’s enforceability

A car-buyers’ protection bill that took effect in July, allowing consumers to seek reimbursement if they make a wrong move in a vehicle trade-in involving an insolvent or unscrupulous dealer, is yet to be enforced.

When the bill was passed in Oct 2007, State Sen. Alex Padilla
declared that the bill is a win, win, win, it is good for consumers , it is good for business and it is good of California.

The bill allows consumers to apply for money from the Consumer Recovery Fund beginning from last July. And the Consumer Motor Vehicle Recovery Corp., a nonprofit organization was supposed to be up and running by Jan. 1. to dole out the payment.

President of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety, Rosemary Shahan, who helped push through California’s Lemon Law, blames Padilla for the delay.

However, it appears that the bill is finally shows some movement as Padilla last week appointed Coby King, a member of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association board, to the nonprofit’s board, and two other
Two other members appointed this month by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are  from Southern California.

Experts view:

  • The important thing is making sure that the right party gets the money in any dispute.
  • If there be a problem, there should be ai a place to go for restitution.
  • sooner is better for this kind of consumer help.

Source: The Sun


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