Chinese Consumer Class Action Lawsuit Against Dell

A class action lawsuit has been commenced against the United States-based PC giant Dell by Chinese customers for fraud accusation in Shanghai court.

A buyer found the CPU in his Dell notebook was Intel T2300E that had been supposed to be Intel T2300 according to his order when he tried to upgrade it three days after the delivery. He brought it to light on the Internet and recorded Intel’s response to his complaint.

In a letter to the consumers’ association in Shanghai and Zhejiang, Dell apologized for the “ambiguity and misunderstanding” caused by Dell’s failure to make corresponding adjustments on the name of the processor which, according to Intel, does not necessarily include “E”. After Intel released T2300E on June 3rd, Dell should have made the transition from T2300 to T2300E.

An expert on law in Shanghai believes that consumer’s appeal is exemplary. When consumers take the same action, Dell will be involved into class-action lawsuit. “If consumers win, it will force multinationals to soften their long-held arrogance toward Chinese consumers and make it easier for Chinese customers to protect their rights,” said the expert.

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