Class-action lawsuit filed against AT&T,RadioShack for false advertising of netbook DataConnect plan

at&tOne fine day a woman named Billie Parks received a bill of $5,000 after a month she signed up for a $100 netbook computer from Radio Shack subsidized by committing to a two-year AT&T wireless data contract. She never had the slightest hint that she would receive a data bill of such astronomical figures for data plan of 5 GB.

She had no other option but to file the lawsuit in Oklahoma. The suit accuses AT&T Mobility and RadioShack of common law fraud and violation of state consumer protection acts in connection with allegedly false, misleading and inaccurate advertising of the netbook DataConnect plan.

The lawsuit stated that nowhere it was clearly mentioned that wireless Internet usage exceeding 5GB per month would lead to astronomical charges running to thousands of dollars per month. However the customer service summary informed the woman and other consumers that their first bill might be higher than expected because of a $36 activation fee, one month’s service billed in advance, and prorated charges and fees for the month when the customer signed up.

The suit seeks restitution of all of the additional charges under the data plan; an end to the RadioShack/AT&T Mobility DataConnect contracts; more damages because of alleged harm to the plaintiffs credit; and an injunction that keeps AT&T Mobility from enforcing the additional charges provision of its data contracts, and other fees.


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