Class-action lawsuit filed over Chinese milk product scandal

The victimization of children exposed China’s hidden food safety crises, which was politically under covered for several years. Children drank toxic melamine mixed with milk. Melamine is a toxic chemical illegally added to dairy products which shows a false protein count.

According to the government, six children have died from consuming tainted dairy products and nearly 300,000 have been sickened.

On behalf of the families of 213 children a group of lawyers filed a class action lawsuit against 22 dairy companies, seeking compensation for the supply of tainted toxic milk products that causes death and illness of several children in China.

This rare class-action product liability case was filed on Friday with the Supreme People’s Court in Beijing.

Product liability cases and class-action lawsuits are extremely uncommon in China. The ruling Communist Party discourages the filing of lawsuits with multiple plaintiffs, instead thinking about children health they are much worried about multiple plaintiff lawsuits, as these could disrupt the social stability.

While thousand of parents agreed to accept compensation offered by liable dairy companies, but the compensation offers have been angrily rejected by the other parents, they are strongly demanding long term health care and medical research for the victim’s continuing illness.

However there is a very low chance of the acceptance of this lawsuit, where government officials actively involved in covering the number of death and illness. It appears that a strong political effect already forced the lower court to reject two class-action suits filed in lower courts last month on behalf of the melamine victims.

Source: NewYorkTimes


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