Class Action Lawsuit for People Affected by Horse Flu

The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) is likely to face a class action lawsuit for a failure to prevent the horse flu outbreak. A Queensland based law firm, will file the lawsuit on behalf of all the people affected by the equine influenza outbreak. The lawyers say that the lawsuit covers the interest of the whole nation.

It can be added that over 350 people have indicated that they’re keen to join the class action. The managing partner of Attwood Marshall, Jeff Garrett, is likely to call on the Federal Government to establish a compensation fund for the horse industry. He further says he is disappointed that Federal Agriculture Minister Tony Burke has not already flagged a compensation fund. “He made some comments about people taking the government to court and abiding by whatever a court decided was appropriate in terms of compensation“, said Garrett.

Queensland Thoroughbred Breeders Association president Bob Frappell says that the industry leaders will meet in Sydney this month to consider legal action over last year’s equine influenza outbreak.

Source: ABC News


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