Class Action Settlement on Breast implant Approved by the Court

A settlement of a class action which is made in British Columbia Supreme Court for Canadian women who had silicone gel breast implants has been approved by Mr. Justice E.R.A. Edwards.

The settlement, which was made without any admission of liability by the defendants, made or supplied by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Baxter Healthcare or 3M.

The class action covers women who, on February 14, 1997, resided anywhere in Canada other than Ontario or Quebec or who were implanted with silicone gel breast implants anywhere in Canada other than Ontario or Quebec.

The defendants have agreed to pay between $2.5 million and $4.3 million depending on how many women come forward with claims. A further amount of up to $200,000 will be paid for the cost of notice and settlement administration.

The deadline for opting into or out of the settlement is December 2, 2005. The deadline for filing claims is February 1, 2006.

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5 Responses to “Class Action Settlement on Breast implant Approved by the Court”

  1. Debbie Mallow Says:

    Hello there: I’m writing in regards to the Breast Implant settlement articles that I have been reading about online…Dated Oct 5, 2005

    David Klein from Vancouver is my lawyer…and I’m not happy with him at this time at all…..

    In his articles he states that the average settlement would be between
    $4000-$5000….This is a complete lie.

    It’s a shame that he would stoop so low…

    As I had many complications with my implants….for 9 years.

    I have been waiting for 10 years and I recieved a letter from him on Dec 23, 2005 …With a first payment of $794.56 and and expected amount of $635.64 I believe for next year.

    (He did state in previous letters that I would recieve 3 payments …now it’s only 2)

    I have no faith for honest lawyers anymore….

    How rude to say the least…

    What do you think of this?

    I know he’s just keeping the money for himself to go on a cruise for the New Year.


  2. E. Scullion Says:

    The note from Debbie Mallow is very interesting. I guess we need another fox to guard the chickens but the question is where can we find another fox that does not have an appetite for chicken.

  3. Debbie Mallow Says:

    The Reply from the Person… E. Scullion…..

    Thank You for Noticing that My Post was Interesting….
    You comment seems to be in a Riddle…LOL

    I have documented Proof of the Information I said in My first Post on this site. Lawyers Eh? Some for Sure are Just Money Hungry Greedy Bastards. I’m the One who suffered with the Operations and the Physical Pain of having the Implants…

    I feel fine now…..that I’ve had the Implants removed 12 years ago…

    And guess what….I still have Nice Breasts…. (38 C )
    My Doctors were quite Amazed with That.


  4. Debbie Mallow Says:

    Check out My Fan Websites….

    If You’re wondering Why there are 3 sites for My Story….

    That’s Because My first site was Disabled….

    So, I made sure My Voice was Heard….

    And Besides….My Lucky Number is 3…. LOL

    Deb []

  5. Debbie Mallow Says:

    Correction….. for My Post on December 26, 2005 (Up Top)

    I was so upset that I made a spelling mistake…

    I meant to say “I have No Faith for ‘DISHONEST’ Lawyers Anymore…

    David Klein is by no means Honest….(To Me Anyways)

    Debbie Mallow

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