Concord reaches settlement in sexual harassment lawsuit

Two women police officers Denise Dale and Kristyn Thurmond had to quit their jobs at the Concord Police Department when they were allegedly harassed by their male colleagues. The high-ranking officers of the department were engaged in sexually explicit conversations in front of them. Among them was Brentwood City Councilman Brandon Richey.

Dale claimed that when she complained about this she was severely punished. She had to spend six hours outside in the rain at a DUI checkpoint, as the only officer assigned to approach drivers.Lt. Andrew Gartner defended Richey’s alleged conduct. Eventually she became so distraught that she had no alternative but to quit her job.

Thurmond claimed that her training officer took special romantic interests on her. She didn’t get the same training as other male officers, which she said set her up to fail. She received bad reviews and was accused of faking a wrist injury she says she received on the job. Finally she left the department in 2007.

According to the settled agreement the city will pay Dale $250,000 in damages and $50,000 in workers’ compensation but Thurmond will receive no award.

Such discrimination against female employees is a matter of great concern in the present scenario. Police officers are guardians of law. This kind of shameful activity on their part is not expected at all.



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