Congressman confirms about online privacy law

Congressman Rick Boucher believes that it is alarming  if there is no Internet privacy, where a network operator could track a user’s every move on the Internet, record the details of every search and read every email or attached document.

Bucher promised on Thursday, that very soon an on line privacy bill is expected to protect the privacy of the users. They are working on a bill that would set limits on how online companies collect data about their consumers.

The bill which was recommended by various industry executives and Internet advocates has been a boiling issue for more than a decade.

The urgency to have a bill was firmly pointed out by the activity of a startup called NebuAd, who partnered with several ISPs to use the technology to monitor people’s Web browsing activities to serve more relevant ads.

Hence the today’s hearing mainly focused on ISPs’ use of deep-packet inspection (DPI), a technique of examining the contents of Internet traffic passing across a network.

It is obviously not a easy job to do since the privacy threats change quickly, meanwhile Boucher is looking forward  for more hearings with online companies before the introduction of the bill.



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