Connecticut firefighter Ricci ready for moment to tell his side in reverse-discrimination case

Firefighter next key witness in Sotomayor hearing

WASHINGTON — The man at the center of one of Sonia Sotomayor’s most-disputed court rulings is the next high-profile witness as the New Yorker’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings near an end.

New Haven, Conn., firefighter Frank Ricci is going to the Judiciary Committee, telling his story in the reverse discrimination case that has proved a leading cause for conservatives opposed to Sotomayor. The judge’s critics have criticized her for dismissing the firefighters arguments without a hearing. They were trying to win promotions they said they earned on an examination that the city administered.

New Haven eventually ruled the test invalid, saying it looked stacked against minorities.

Other witnesses Thursday afternoon will include representatives of private organizations such as the American Bar Association.


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