Consumer Electronics Warranty Lemon Law

To celebrate the thanksgiving day, Assemblyman Paul D. Moriarty (D-Gloucester) today issued a multimedia package on his legislation that would create a “Consumer Electronics Warranty Lemon Law.”

Consumer Electronics Warranty Lemon Law:
Under my bill the warranties, extended warranties, and service contracts for any electronic device with a price tag of $250 or more would have to include specific protections against purchasing an electronic lemon.

This way, you have a definite timeline for getting your electronics repaired and, if the item can’t be repaired, you can get a new replacement or your money back.Because there’s nothing more frustrating than a computer or a smart phone that isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. For more information on the Consumer Electronics Warranty Lemon Law, or for help with any other issues you might have, please feel free to contact my district office by phone or e-mail.

Source: South Jersey News


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  1. nick farraro Says:

    I’m not sure if the lemon applies to electronics or just automobiles, but if applicable I have a Microsoft Xbox 360 elite that’s I’ve only owned for 2 months now and I’ve had to send it in 4 times now and the issue is still not resolved, so is the lemon law something that would apply here an if so how do i go about handling the issue becuase the company microsoft tells me they dont follow the lemon law procedure

  2. amitava Says:

    Hi, Nick

    There is free consultation option with Lemon Law expert Norman Taylor- (Norman Taylor & Associates) at- [] .

    Hope you will find a way.


  3. Tanvir Ahmad Says:

    Dear SIR,
    I am doing social work ,spo I have established a NGO Pertaining to the affairs of the condumer s in pakistan ,I seek your help in this matter Secondly I Received a complaint that a complaint purchased A TV by the worth of RS 80,000 after the period of 8 month it was out of order when he took this tv to the retailar [electronic shop] he claimed warranty cards , but the complaintant have only sale receipt the warranty was misplaced or gorget to get the warranty card from the shopkeeper ,please guide me what will we do claim warranty claim ,is the warranty card is necessary for repaiting or not ,is the sale /purchase receipt is sufficient for claiming the same

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