Court resolved two of the four Katrina bridge blockade lawsuits

Due to devastating Hurricane Katrina when  hundreds of frightened people were trying to find their way through New Orleans bridge, police unexpectedly block their way besides helping them.

In all the four case, plaintiffs filed the lawsuits against law enforcement because they closed the Crescent City Connection to pedestrians in the days after Hurricane Katrina.

Two of four lawsuits were filed in federal court because police closed a major New Orleans bridge to hundreds of pedestrians in the days after Hurricane Katrina have been resolved.

One suit over the blockade at the Crescent City Connection was settled recently, but another was dismissed.

The plaintiffs said their constitutional rights were violated. A federal judge ruled otherwise, and the Gretna police chief stands by his decision to close the bridge.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office was happy to  settled the case for $7,500. As per  Danny Martiny, , attorney for the Jefferson Parish sheriff, the case was settled because more money would have been spent in trying the case than settling it.

There are still two pending lawsuits against the Gretna Police Department over the bridge closure.

However, attorneys for the city of Gretna have argued that restricting bridge traffic to cars protected the safety of pedestrians. But plaintiff attorneys say that people had a right to walk across the bridge because it was one of the few escape routes after New Orleans flooded.

Plaintiffs attorneys also figured out a racial bias in the police blockade, they point out that most of the frightened crowd trying to cross the bridge was mainly black.


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