Court ruling on ragging must be enforced, says victim’s father

NEW DELHI - Rajender Kachroo, father of ragging victim Aman Kachroo, Saturday said that the Supreme Court ruling to prevent ragging in educational institutions will be useless if not monitored and implemented.

‘Monitoring is the key word here as without implementation there is no accountability. If it is not done then how will you track ragging? We need whistle blowers and a provision for them,’ Kachroo told IANS.

The apex court Friday ordered states to form two committees each - one to tackle rampant alcoholism in educational institutions and the other to give psychological counselling to both those who rag and the victims.

The Supreme Court ordered this on the basis of recommendations of a panel, which on the apex court’s order earlier probed incidents of ragging. It specifically investigated the incident that led to the March 8 death of Aman, a first year student at a Himachal Pradesh medical college.

‘The ruling is not public. I don’t know the full text. We need to see if there is anything about monitoring and implementation mentioned. If not then this ruling is of no use,’ said Kachroo.

According to him, even the 2007 ruling banning ragging in educational institutions was of no use.

‘Despite laws, we have not been able to achieve anything in this direction. There is a need for the implementation to be closely watched,’ Kachroo added.

Aman was severely beaten by drunk seniors at the Rajindra Prasad Medical College in Tanda. He died a few hours later, leading to nationwide condemnation of the incident and of the inability of the college authorities and the state government to stem ragging.

Earlier this month, Kachroo met President Pratibha Patil, seeking permission to initiate the Aman Movement, an anti-ragging campaign for all universities in the country.


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