Galveston Women Filed Lawsuit Against Marathon And Other Petroleum Company

On may 8th, a local women named Cynthia Leigh Chason filed suit against Marathon Petroleum Company and other businesses, in Galveston County 10th District Court under Judge David Garner. She claims that her fathers used to work with asbestos. Cynthia was exposed so much to the fibres in this process that she has now developed Mesothelioma.

“Ms. Cynthia Leigh Chason was exposed to asbestos through household contract from her father, who was employed by Marathon from 1969 to 1979. He also worked in Smith Douglass in Texas City from 1961 to 1969, and worked for short term contracting work in 1970s for BASF in Freeport, Todd Shipyard in Galveston, and Monsanto in Texas City.” says plaintiff’s original petition.

The BASF corporation and Todd Shipyard corporation are also named defendants.

“Her father used to handle asbestos containing products products and/or machinery containing asbestos” thus was subjected to other asbestos products and/or machinery present in the workplace attributed to the accused. It is also assumed that he might have came into contact with others who may have worked directly with the asbestos containing products or machinery.

The suit argues that the defendants were aware of the potential health risks of the asbestos and related products , but due to some reason they fail to give any type of warning.

Alongside negligence, conspiracy and “the Defendants’ acts or omissions were a producing cause of the Plaintiff’s injuries and damages.”

Chason is represented by Ian P cloud. They requested for a jury on the same day when the suit was filed.

“Even after Ms Chason passes due to Mesothelioma, the litigation will continue” says suit.



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