Google settle up with search marketers for $20 million over AdWords

According to a report of MediaPost  Google has agreed to settle on a class action lawsuit brought by search marketers for exceeding the daily budget within the AdWords system.

There is a  long list of companies and individuals suing Google for the way it runs its one-sided search ad business.

The list of unsatisfied customer includes everyone starting from giants like American Airlines to one-off advertiser lawsuits.

The latest AdWords- related lawsuit which was filed by small business advertisers (Minnesota-based printing company CLRB Hanson Industries and N.J.-based Howard Stern (not the radio personality) in 2005 would cost Google up to $20 millions. The settlement means Google can pay up to $20 million, including over $5 million to the plaintiff’s lawyers

The lawsuits alleges Google for over charging them ads on certain days than the agreed amount.

However, though Google argued that the excess is often used in the following days, and believes that its a merit less claim but still agreed to end up the litigation with a settlement, and like to move forward with their present business objectives.

Source:The Washington Post


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