Government not rushing to legalise homosexuality: Moily

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM - Union Law Minister M. Veerapa Moily Sunday said the government will not rush to repeal the controversial section of the law that criminalises homosexuality, and “views from all sections of the society” will be considered before taking any decision.

The ministers of home, health and law will soon meet to discuss the issue, Moily said, replying to a question on news reports that the central government was considering to repeal Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code to legalise homosexuality.

“Right now, there is a court case on this topic, and hence we have decided to have a re-look on Section 377. When we finally decide, we will certainly take the views from all sections of the society. We are of the firm belief that a law is to facilitate and not to punish people,” the law minister told reporters.

But he did not say how soon the ministerial meeting would be held. He said though amendments had been proposed to the penal code over the time, there was no integrated, comprehensive and holistic look at the clause.

About the judicial reforms, Moily said judiciary will be taken into confidence when proposed reforms are undertaken to make it more accountable.

Elaborating on the proposed reforms, he said the present Judicial Inquiries Act, 1968, has no teeth.

“We have decided to have a holistic approach when we look into the reforms. There would be no confrontation with the judiciary. Instead, there would be cooperation and trust with them when the laws would be formed,” added Moily.

Moily said the Indian judiciary is the best in the world.

“The judiciary and the government are keen to proceed further in the impeachment case of Calcutta High Court Judge Soumitra Sen. Never before has such a thing happened in the country,” said Moily.


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