Hawaii new law is a blessing for care home married couple

The old law was very much unfriendly and brutal for married care home couples, the law used to allow only one paying resident in each foster home and was intended to ensure that most of the beds in such homes were available to low-income people on Medicaid.

The new law allows married couples, reciprocal beneficiaries, siblings, parents of a child or best friends to live together in the homes even if they aren’t covered by Medicaid. Now married couples who pay for their own adult foster care can live in the same home.

Governor Lingle just took few seconds to signing the new law and to end up the long painful story of Terry Kaide.

For two years Kaide, 87, has tried to convince the state to let her move into the same Hilo care home where her 89-year-old husband, Sydney, lives.

The Big Island couple, married for 63 years, had become the unintended victims of rules that allow only two Medicaid clients and one private-pay client to be in the same residential care home. The old law did not allow to live them together because they’re non-medicaid patients.

Kaide used to visit her bedridden husband every day, she had to spend  $500 a month for that, as she is leaving   almost 10 miles away from her husband.

Governor Lingle believes that it is the end of an injustice for one family and it will brings hope to many other families who may find themselves in a similar situation

Sourece: AP


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