Hawthorne case reaches settlement in suspect-abuse lawsuit

Hawthorne police went to a local apartment to investigate a noise complaint. An apartment dweller named Anthony Goodrow, 25 year old was in a party occurring in the apartment. The police handcuffed Goodrow’s girlfriend in charge of public intoxication.

When Goodrow tried to intercede, there was some exchange of words between him and the officers.

After that he was allegedly thrown to the ground , punched and placed in a choke-hold until he was handcuffed. Later a video tape record showed that Goodrow was being searched by a police officer, while two others exchanged a high-five just a few feet away.

According to court records, Goodrow was not treated by paramedics or taken to the hospital despite a department policy that requires officers to seek medical attention for those with visible injuries.

Goodrow and his girlfriend, who are now married, were subsequently prosecuted in criminal court. Todd Melnick, who represented them during criminal case proceedings, said both cases were dismissed after he argued that police illegally entered the apartment.

Confronted with the videotape, which was recorded at the city’s jail, Hawthorne officials last week paid $1 million to settle lawsuit.

Law is always there to help those who are ill-treated. But beware of those hopeless Hawthorne officials.

Source:Los Angeles Times


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