Hong Kong worker steals to avenge `fat, stupid spinster’ slur

HONG KONG - A Hong Kong office worker stole cash and personal items from her supervisor in revenge for being called a “fat, stupid spinster”, a news report said Wednesday.

Lo Pik, 26, admitted six counts of theft at a court hearing Tuesday after being caught stealing $50 cash, a staff pass holder and a USB memory stick from her married female supervisor.

Lo claims she carried out the petty thefts because her supervisor, an official at Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption, repeatedly taunted her for being stupid, unmarried and overweight.

The offences, which took place between January and June, were committed out of revenge and the stolen items were dumped in office bins, Lo’s lawyer told the Hong Kong Standard newspaper.

Lo was caught after her supervisor set up a secret video camera on her desk. She was released on bail after Tuesday’s hearing and will be sentenced Sep 2.


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