Illionois hospitals agreed to settle lawsuits for overcharging uninsured patients

Resurrection Health Care and Advocate Health Care, two large Illinois hospital system were alleged due to overcharging tens of thousands of uninsured patients and provided inadequate financial assistance now agreed to settle the lawsuits.

Resurrection Health Care and Advocate Health Care agreed to recalculate patient’s bills and give refunds to needy patients eligible for free or discounted medical care. In addition Resurrection will extend a discount of 25 percent to anyone who is uninsured, regardless of income. And for the first time, Resurrection is placing annual limits on what the uninsured will be asked to pay for hospital services in a year.

Resurrection has sent notices to 220,000 patients informing them of the settlement terms and the opportunity to apply for financial relief on outstanding or past bills. Advocate, which operates nine hospitals, has notified 170,000 patients.

Source: chicagotribune


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