Israeli rocket victims file lawsuit against North Korea

JERUSALEM - Thirty residents of northern Israel that were wounded by rockets fired from south Lebanon by Hezbollah during the 2006 Lebanon war have filed a lawsuit at the Washington District Court against the North Korean government, the Jerusalem Post daily reported Friday.

The plaintiffs in the $100 million suit say North Korea provided military training to Hezbollah and also constructed a series of bunkers which allowed the Iranian-backed guerrilla group to fire thousands of missiles at Israel during the war from below the

ground, thus avoiding detection by the Israel Air Force.

Hezbollah missiles killed 43 Israelis during the 33-day war, and wounded thousands more.

The plaintiffs, who named Hezbollah as a co-defendant in their suit, all hold US citizenship.

In their lawsuit, they cite a Congressional memorandum from May 8, 2008, prepared for the US House Foreign Affairs Committee which describes one of the North Korean-built facilities as ‘a 25 km underground tunnel that Hezbollah used to move troops.

‘Hizbollah’s underground structures significantly improved its ability to fight against Israel during the Second Lebanon War in 2006,’ the memorandum states.


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