Judge awarded class action status on child mistreating lawsuit

A lawsuit was filed in February 2008 on behalf of nine children in state custody has been granted class action status. A federal at last decided that the mistreatment of the Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services with foster children should be designated as a class action.

The US District Judge Gregory Frizzell cited caseload limitations and monitoring of foster children as the major factors in his ruling.

Children’s Rights, based in New York, has been taking the State Department of Health and Human Services to task over numerous issues, including sexual abuses and deaths in Oklahoma’s child welfare system. With class action status, Children’s Rights now represents eleven-thousand children.

Experts believe that a class-action status will allow the group to collect evidence against the system that harms the children, and would hopefully able to find out possible ways to fix it.

The nine children lawsuit which was filed a year ago now represents a class of about 11,000.

Source: KTEN.com


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