Judge postpones sentencing Big Dig contractor even though company has declared bankruptcy

Judge postpones sentencing Big Dig contractor

BOSTON — A Massachusetts judge has postponed sentencing one of the Big Dig’s largest contractors in connection with work on the $15 billion Boston highway project, even though the company has declared bankruptcy.

U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock said Tuesday that he wanted to hear testimony from expert witnesses before resolving two key issues — estimates on the cost of overbilling by Modern Continental Construction Co. and the poor workmanship that led to a 2004 blowout in the project’s I-93 tunnel under downtown Boston.

The company has already pleaded guilty to 39 counts of making false statements, acknowledging both the overbilling and that some of its employees knew of the poor workmanship.

Woodlock said he wants to impose a fair sentence regardless of whether the company can pay.


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