Judge will force settlement in class-action lawsuit against Toshiba

ToshibaEconomic downturn has adversely affected thousands of renowned corporate houses. Among them is the big name of Toshiba. In the midst of serious impact of recession, United States Magistrate Judge Steven M. Gold of the Eastern District of New York has just entered a decision that’ll force it to pay up over $1 million in order to settle a class action lawsuit it just lost.

The lawsuit was filed in 2007 by about 265,000 or more number of plaintiffs. The suit alleged “that the lamps of certain Toshiba DLP televisions were susceptible to premature failure causing purchasers to repeatedly expend hundreds of dollars for replacement bulbs.

To the great dismay of the buyers, the replaced lamps suffered from the same defects. Detailed investigation was conducted in this respect.

outcome was plain and simple. Toshiba was fully responsible for the damages. They had to reimburse those who purchased a bulb replacement that failed prematurely. Also they had to extend the warranty period of the replacement bulbs from six months to one year.



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