Judicial tips to prisoners for early release from horses mouth

It can be called a new beginning, for better or for worse. The sitting judge of the Bombay high court visited the Arthur Road jail. Anything unnatural? Not so far. Only the reason of the visit is very new and first of its kind. He has visited he jail to give some tips to the prisoners for early release. Also he has interacted with asking them to take advantage of the recently introduced concept of plea bargaining.

Plea bargaining is an idea borrowed from countries like the US and it allows an accused to admit to his guilt before the trial begins. In return, the court lessens his sentence considerably and may even release him immediately if he has already spent time behind bars.

Justice S Radhakrishnan arrived at the jail with 20 students from K C Law College and addressed prisoners packed in a barrack. He told them to be bold and make use of the changed laws.
It is for the first time, a high court judge has visited the prison.

Jailer Swati Sathe said,

“Although we wear khaki, we are not police officers but reform officers and are really interested in the success of this concept.”

Source: TOI


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