Jury awarded $475,000 to home owners to re-plumb their home

plumbing-lawsuitAs part of a valley-wide plumbing defect class action lawsuit, a jury has finally awarded $475,000 to homeowners in the the Dove Canyon neighborhood in North Las Vegas as part of a valley-wide plumbing defect class action lawsuit.

The award will benefit the owners of 40 homes plumbed by Majestic Plumbing Inc. It was named along with Kitec-maker IPEX and about 40 builders that installed the system in approximately 32,000 homes in Southern Nevada.

According to Bill Coulthard, of the firm Kemp, Jones and Coulthard, which represents thousands of homeowners whose homes contain the Kitec system, the jury’s actually awarded $50,000 more than the plaintiffs were seeking.

Apart from Majestic a dozen plumbers named in this class action lawsuit, most of the builders and plumbers have reached settlements and so far have avoided going to trial.

The suit alleges the Kitec fittings fail through a process called dezincification in which water removes zinc from brass plumbing fittings and turns it into silt, which collects in the pipes. Over time, the accumulation causes blockages and can cause the water lines to rupture.

Source: Lasvegas Sun


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