Laptop manufacturers may hit with a class action lawsuit due to unjustified claim

laptop-batteriesActual battery performance of laptops are half the time as  advertised, says renowned chip maker Advanced Micro Devices.

The basic fact why it differs is actually depend on the tests which are done in such a ideal conditions that most users possibly would  never going to encounter.

This huge differences between abstract and actual sparks law firm Girad Gibbs, who are specialized in securities litigation and consumer class actions,  to find out possible plaintiffs who are the sufferers and directly related to the issue.

According to experts it was well predicted that a litigation would happen any day. Things started getting fishy in the past year when companies started advertising “all day battery life” for laptops that clearly didn’t last that long. After AMD started doing interviews, a number of articles hit the fan.

Experts added that, either industry will regulate itself. or FTC will come in and say what to do. Or some giant class action lawsuit will happen, as there was when” computer makers made misleading claims about things such as the performance of hard drives, CD-ROMs, and the diagonal length of monitors.

So hurry up computer companies enough is enough its time for pack up and wash out all the fishy misleading adds about performance.

If your laptop battery is running faster than the advertise life span then you may contact Law firm Girard Gibbs who are planning for a class action lawsuit against this, along with a free consultation offer.

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