Lemon Law bill to strengthens consumer protection finally signed by Oklahoma Governor

lemon-lawThe long waiting fair intention to make strong the lemon law for protecting the consumers against manufacturers and dealers of defective vehicles has been signed by Brad Henry, Gov. Oklahoma.

The legislation is a direct result of a five-year campaign for better consumer protections by a Broken Arrow woman who had personal experience with existing guidelines.

The bill creates new guidelines for how vehicle manufacturers must work with consumers who buy defective vehicles. The new rules put the consumer on a more equal footing when negotiating with a manufacturer.

A vehicle now has to be out-of-service for 30-business days rather than 45.

There’s also “usage fee” formula in place for cars driven more than 15-thousand miles.

Anyone buying a new vehicle will also be given copy of their rights.

Source: Forbes

Oklahoma Lemon Laws and the federal Lemon Law (the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) provide for compensation to Oklahoma consumers of defective automobiles and trucks  and other vehicles and products including motorcycles, RV’s, boats, computers and other consumer appliances and products.

To qualify under the Oklahoma Lemon Law or the federal Lemon Law, you must generally have a product that suffered multiple repair attempts under the manufacturer’s factory warranty.

Lemon Law compensation can include a refund, replacement or cash compensation.


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