Lemon Law: Chances to be a lemon depends on growing vehicle complexity

Experts who deals with modern lemon law believes that the rising number of  car defects which is the key point that makes the whole world of lemon law propelled around it is due to increased complexity of today’s automobile.

Just to gain a little more edge  in this tight competitive  market, automobile manufacturers are involving the trend of greater complexity, greater complexity means increased numbers of complicated parts, and more  parts increases the probability of defective parts.

To coup up with the market competition manufacturers are compelled to offer new models with more, better and rare conveniences, with more parts.

According the leading California lemon law attorney, Norman Taylor, when there are more parts, there are simply more things that can go wrong. This increases the possibility that a car will become a lemon—even if each individual part is of higher overall quality. Of only one out of every thousand components is defective, a car with 15,000 components will still have five times as many defects as a car with 3,000 components.

Norman Taylor, warns customers to be aware about the “simply go away” technique. Trying to cause a consumer to “simply go away” is a common dealer tactic when dealing with a lemon.

Presently vehicles are so complex that it’s complexity can be easily used to befuddle a consumer who continuously has problems with it.  If a dealer explains to a customer that the problem resides with the “computer controlled herkomater” and that it is “supposed to behave that way,” it can cause the consumer to go away thinking there really is no problem.

So if you think that your are unfortunate enough to buy a lemon car, it’s the best way to try a experience lawyer, to get rid of the lemon which you are driving.

Source: The Open Press


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